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Executive Training and Consultancy

Whether you are starting a business and require initial advice on setting up, or an established company wanting to move to the next level, we help hone in on and clearly identify your business goals. We also offer the tailored business advice and practical help that will make reaching those goals a reality.

SAQA Qualified Courses

The criteria contained in the courses were applicable to South Africa only, however, I feel the information contained therein, can be effectively used in any country as it provides a good base line for assessing job/task competency.

Informal Courses

Used for pure up-skilling of staff that have not received formal training and are fairly new on the job. This is to give them the confidence to do their job well and to the benefit of the company.

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Who is DH Consulting?

Debbie Hargreaves is a qualified Consultant with Executive Training and Consultancy, a SAQA Facilitator and Assessor and an expert in upskilling staff.

Debbie has over 40 years’ experience in the Public Relation / Oral Presentation field, having spent her career at the KZN Sharks Board as the Manager Public Relation and Education for many of those years.

Debbie is also a qualified Life Coach and seeks to assist people wanting to achieve big or small goals to improve their lifestyle.

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Informal Courses are more popular as they usually consist of a formal consultation with the HR Manager or Administrative Manager lasting about 2 hours to determine their needs. This is followed by setting dates for the training required. This training is limited to an hour at a time and can be conducted weekly so as not to overly impact on the daily routine.

The type of training is for pure upskilling of staff who have not received formal training and are fairly new on the job or as part of a team building exercise to get staff members to appreciate what other staff members do and how important communication is within the company. This is to give them the confidence to do their job well and to the benefit of the company. Often people have minimum qualification no real experience and this is where Debbie can really assist them over the short term. Get them feeling comfortable with their tasks, dealing with the public, be it over the phone or face to face at Reception.

Not only does this assist the staff member in their personal growth but has a positive effect on the overall impression of the caller or visitor to the company’s premises.
Raising your company profile with good diction, friendly manner and good office sense can be invaluable.
The most important assets you have in your company are your staff. How they treat your clients will determine your success.

Telephone Etiquette
Office Etiquette
Rights and Responsibilities
Improving Communication Skills – General
Improving Communication Skills – Control Centres
Assisting Companies in the best course of action for staff development

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