Picture the scene.

You’re stood at the front of the conference room facing your peers. They’re waiting for you to say something amazing, insightful and witty and yet you’re frozen. All you can feel are butterflies creating havoc in your stomach. You can hear the blood pumping around your brain which is causing your face to become flushed while you stand there for what seems like hours red faced and possibly dribbling, who knows? You find your voice after a while and stammer your way through your presentation. It’s not amazing, insightful or witty. It’s laboured and really quite painful for all involved. You sit back down red raced and humiliated. You can’t catch the butterflies and you vow that you will never do another presentation. Ever.

Thankfully your boss has a very progressive style to his leadership, he can see your potential and knows that you are capable of much more so he sets up a series of professional development coaching sessions with Debbie Hargreaves.  Debbie works with you for 12 weeks, in your place of work, via video conference and in some neutral locations. During the first session you and Debbie discuss your goals and what you hope to achieve from these sessions. You already feel like a giant weight has been lifted from you, but you’re still apprehensive about making such a fool of yourself again.

Catching the Butterflies.

Debbie’s method of professional development coaching encourages you to have some faith and belief in yourself, and slowly over the 12 weeks you feel yourself growing more confident. Debbie is with you every single step of the way, she completely believes in you. Her calm demeanour instantly put you at ease and her encouraging words quickly shoo away the remaining butterflies.

You’re now two years on from completing your course with Debbie. The techniques that you were taught have stayed with you and you practise them regularly. The progressive boss was so impressed with your transformation, he has now implemented a policy that all new starters must complete a six week course with Debbie, during which she guides them on etiquette and building confidence in the work place.

Start your journey now

For more information on Debbie’s courses, you can contact her directly dh@debbiehargeavesconsulting.com or on the phone for a discrete conversation. If you’re a business owner who is interested in coaching for your staff, Debbie will be more than pleased to talk through the best possible solution for this. More information on the courses available can be found here. debbiehargreavesconsulting.com



Become confident