Is your business summer ready?

It’s time to make a plan to get your business summer ready! You value your staff and you know that they work hard and deserve their leave, but how do your employees manage when a member of the team is out of the office? As a business owner with staff, you may find yourself dreading the summer holidays coming up. Annual leave for employees can cause anxiety, backlog, delays on orders and a general a lack of productivity! It doesn’t have to be this way. With good communication, systems and procedures in place, you can avoid that back to work dread!

Which option best fits your organisation?

You have a slick and resourceful team who are able to support each other during periods of annual leave.


Each member of staff comes back from a relaxing break to piles of tasks and unread emails.

Nobody wants to return to work knowing that their workload hasn’t been touched, it can seriously affect morale within the office. I can help you get some clear practices in place to prevent this from happening. Take a look at some of the informal courses I have on offer here

What if you work alone?

As business owners who work alone, how do you manage downtime? Are you planning on taking your laptop with you to the beach and pool? Very unlikely, but what is your method for coping? Let me know how you manage the holidays!


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