Life Coach Testimonial for Debbie Hargreaves

Many times have I wished I started sooner with the right goals and not wasted so much time on things that did not really light me up. Let me tell you how Debbie with her life coach business, DH consulting made a huge impression on my life and career.

I had two businesses doing fairly okay, towards surviving. One was video-productions that I have been doing for more than 20 years and then moved to the coast and though I would anyway travel to various locations, I could find no related local work. There’s been a lot of work for a handyman and while I was always building and fixing stuff, it turned out there was a huge market for doing maintenance at the coast and I quickly build up a lot of clients through the networks that I joined in this field.

However, it got complicated managing two such diverse fields and after a few years I decided to pick and focus on growing just one towards a proper business with a decent income.

I attended a business-coaching session where the presenter was surprised when I told her, “I do not know what business I want the coaching for & hoped that the session would clear up which one to pursue”. It turned out all the other attendees had well-established businesses to scale up and found the information on systems, staff and accounting really helpful.

By the end of this session, I knew, with life-altering clarity, this wasn’t for me. I needed to find something else and when asked which business I was going to sign up, I said “I just realised I need a life-coach much more than I need a Business-coach”.

I wanted out totally and to pursue a whole new life-track.

From then on I started a whole new journey. I found some useful exercises online to help identify my passions and skillsets and I was able to clarify specific opportunities suitable to pursue for the rest of my life.

I have a lot of knowledge and experience to put into books that I can market online and then continue to explore more of such to do the same things with.

Although, the one thing I still needed to face was procrastination and my being overwhelmed on where to start on the many things required to get under way.

Cue life coach Debbie in here, who as part of the same business network, was always friendly to me and everyone else and always interested in how each one was doing.

She then took me on a few sessions, filling in my answers to specific questions that soon proved to focus actions towards goals. Although I didn’t complete all the sessions, I realised later what a profound difference she made towards helping me getting my book finished and published.

Thanks to Debbie, I now have my book “101 Recycled Soda Bottle Tricks” available on the web as well as my book “Best Recycling Tricks” available in e-book and print on Amazon, Balboa Press and Barnes & Noble publishers.

Our busy lives sometimes make it hard to focus and to work through it all towards a goal. Before you end up looking back in many years to realise the opportunities you have missed, I suggest you contact Debbie and use the unique system she utilises to get you started on the journey of your choosing, one where you’d prefer to be may years from now and then be able to revel upon looking back in gratitude at accomplishing all that really mattered to you.

The sooner you get into the exercises, the faster things happen.


From Debbie, Thank you Willem. I love being a life coach and I am so pleased that I got to help you on this journey.

Debbie Hargreaves presenting to a group

Debbie presenting a skills workshop in Weymouth, Dorset