What is personal development?

Well really, it can be anything you want it to be. Anything that is important to you, along with the progression of your best self. We have lived through an unprecedented period. The covid-19 virus has changed everything we know about how we do our jobs, run our businesses and manage our personal growth.

If the thought of having face to face meetings, leading a presentation from the front of a meeting room, or dealing with the general public is filling you with dread, you’re not alone. Many professionals struggle with public speaking, even if it’s just in front of the colleagues they chat to all day. Suddenly standing at the front of the room changes the dynamic completely.

There is a solution to how one deals with this feeling of dread though. Personal coaching through a qualified and experienced consultant like Debbie Hargreaves is an invaluable tool in the search for growth.

Debbie can also help business owners put personal growth plans in place for employees. By establishing SMART goals and developing a bespoke program of training courses and one to one coaching, your team will have the resources and confidence they need to be the best version of themselves.

By investing in the development and wellbeing of staff their staff; business owners report an increase in productivity and a decrease in sickness due to mental health issues. Employers need to have an ethical responsibility towards their staff to provide a program for personal development and growth.

Debbie is waiting for you to get in touch. You can call her today to book a discreet and confidential consultation, or get in touch via the contact form and Debbie will respond to you via email debbiehargreavesconsulting.com/contact

Debbie Hargreaves presenting to a group

Debbie presenting a skills workshop