Debbie Hargreaves – Setting Goals

In my last blog, I gave you a scenario of someone who had debilitating fear when it came to presenting to their peers, but with some coaching I was able to relieve that fear and they were able to present with confidence. You can read that here

This time, I’d like to spend some time discussing the importance of setting goals in order to achieve personal development. In either case, be it personal or professional, a person has to want to improve themselves. They can’t be forced to change, as change comes from within.

When it comes to personal development, breaking your goals down into small, manageable pieces is always the best way to achieve them. If you try to do too much at once, the goals become cloudy and it can be easy to lose sight of why the goal was established in the first place.  One step at a time and carefully considering the reasons for the self development, i.e. establishing the ‘why’.

The ‘why’ is the foundation of everything that change stems from. Without knowing why you’re doing something it will be impossible to achieve it.

So, with that in mind let’s talk for a moment about the steps that are required to implement the changes based on the goals you have set for yourself.

Let’s start with ‘What’. What do you want to achieve? Are you hoping to lose weight, give up smoking, try a new hobby or something else that’s personal to you? Once you have identified what it is you want to set as your goal, you will then move on to the ‘Why’. Why do you want to achieve it? Let’s take the example of giving up smoking. You have decided that it’s time to kick the habit for good this time and quitting is your ultimate goal. Without completely knowing and understanding why you want to quit; it will potentially lead to a failed attempt. In this instance, we’re going to assume that the reasons for wanting to quit are health related.

The next step is to work out how. Again, sticking with the scenario created of someone who wants to quit smoking for health reasons, we now need to come up with some suggestions for how it’s going to happen. Will it be patches, hypnotism, gum, or good old fashioned will power?  Talk through these options with family and friends and choose whichever is the most suitable option.

Finally, we need to establish a ‘when’. How long are you going to give yourself to achieve this goal? A month, two, maybe even a year. The timeframe will be dependent on your own personal circumstances, but it’s imperative that you do set one.

By following this method, you will be ensuring that your goal is synonymous with the SMART system that has shaped goal setting for so many. By ensuring that the goals you set yourself are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound you will succeed.

So how can I, as a life coach support you? I will be there offering guidance and accountability every step of the way. Once I know what the end result is to be, I can help you plan your route, set your goals and support you as you achieve them.

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Setting Achievable Goals